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A Cost-Efficient Technology for Faster Innovation in Business

IDC predicted that by 2018, over 60% of new apps will use cloud-enabled continuous delivery and cloud-native application architectures to enable faster innovation and business agility. To leverage cloud-native infrastructure and keep up with today’s competitive market, organizations are demanding more efficient, secure and scalable platform that is suitable for their cloud infrastructure.

It is IT professionals’ job to find the right IT infrastructure and they clearly know that the cost of having an IT infrastructure is not just the price of purchasing hardware, but they also have to prepare the total cost of IT equipment includes installation, software licenses, service, support, training, upgrades and other costs. As IT infrastructure is organization’s long term investment, those cost would be a burden.

To address the challenge, IBM is introducing LinuxOne as their most advanced mainframe for cloud infrastructure that is highly secure, scalable, and also could lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). Register now to join LinuxOne Showcase and find out how LinuxOne could benefit your cloud infrastructure for a better business’ future.

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What are common server problems in your business?

LinuxOne is the latest mainframe of IBM that runs on Linux and created to help customers keep up with today’s fast-paced market. With customer’s various needs of IT infrastructure capabilities, IBM is introducing the new members of LinuxOne family called Emperor II and Rockhopper as choices for customers to find the right IT infrastructure for their businesses.

Emperor II was designed to thoroughly protect the new global currency with speed and agility while delivering differentiated value to protect investments, reduce cost, and enable business growth, so it can help any business looking to thrive in a data-centric economy. Meanwhile, Rockhopper is created for the middle-sized enterprise. Its consolidated design allows enterprise to grow capacity inside the server without affecting the running environment, eliminates the need to constantly buy, configure, and manage new services.

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Reliable Performance

Provides the capacity to do the work of thousands of x86 servers and supports fast in-memory workloads and real-time analytics.

Highly Secure

Each chip on the server has its own encryption processor, provides the pervasive encryption to protect clients’ data from external and internal threats.

Massive Scalability

Allows enterprise to expand the capacity with limitless scale inside the server without affecting the running environment.

LinuxOne enable you to reduce the risk and save you from many hidden costs driven by the complexity of x86 environments. It also helps you to achieve lower total cost of ownership and faster ROI up to 50% over an x86 solution over a three-year period.

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